Summary of Qualifications


- Successfully delivered excellent course conditions in the demanding New York Metropolitan
  area with limited resources.


- Thorough knowledge of all aspects of golf and landscape construction, including renovation and
  new construction.


- Advocate the use of Best Management Practices and promote sustainability through the
  Environmental Institute for Golf.


- Extensive experience in procuring fast and firm conditions through the use of the latest
  technologies, such as soil moisture meters and hand-watering to provide water only
  where required.


- Understand and have interest in plant species other than turf, providing skill-set to expertly
  landscape around clubhouse grounds and other ancillary areas.


- Continually strive to gain more knowledge and stay up to date with latest industry trends;
  utilize all resources and continuing education provided by industry associations.


Agronomic Programs

The key to fast and firm playing conditions always rest in the manager's power, based on weather and resources. Tom has become very skilled in providing these conditions to golfers on a consistent basis, while maintaining the health of the turf. This is directly a result of sound agronomic principles and programs implemented by Tom and his team.


One of the most important aspects of this mentality involves daily scouting and monitoring of soil moisture with a soil moisture meter. This allows Tom to apply water to very specific areas, and only the areas that need supplemental water.


Tom strongly feels that turfgrass management relies heavily on properly managing the soils. Some key details to this program include replenishing depleted nutrients, monitoring levels of calcium, magnesium, and sodium, and venting of surfaces in summer to keep Bicarbonate levels down to prevent turf from sealing off.


In addition, he stays up-to-date with the latest in cultural practices and works with clients and staff members to create an aerification and verticutting schedule that limits down time while still getting the required applications completed.


A few pictures of Tom's agronomic practices are included below. Click to view.

Tom w/ moisture meter

Aeration w/ 5/8" tines

Quadratine greens in spring

Verticutting greens

Results of verticut & venting

Environmental Programs

As stated in the Summary of Qualifications, Tom advocates for sustainability and closely follows and contributes to the Environmental Institute For Golf. In addition, he also believes in using Best Management Practices where applicable in his maintenance operation. He implemented a 'Green Initiative' at Oak Hills Park, turning the course into a sustainable growth facility. This program includes environmental planning, wildlife management, chemical use reduction, water conservation, water quality management, plus outreach and education.


Several projects Tom has completed are highlighted below.

15th pond before work

15th pond with buffer strips

5th pond with buffer strips

Read about Tom's Green Initiative at Oak Hills Park by clicking the article image above.

Several parts of this piece were published in the local newspaper, crediting Tom with authorship.

Tom's career portfolio encompasses all aspects of a turf maintenance professional. From landscape construction to golf tournament preparations, Tom has accomplished all components with success and praise from his clients and members.

Portfolio – Overview